Cultivating a passion for learning.

We want our students to do more than just the basics. We want them to be actively engaged in the fun of learning new things and dreaming big for their futures. Our STEAM educational model focuses on providing students with project-based, cross curricular learning experiences, highlighting learning as a process of integrating critical thinking skills and collaboration. By allowing students to actively engage with the process itself, we hope to integrate not just mastery of subject standards, but also to ignite our students’ innate curiosity and create life-long learners.

“STEAM education values the learning process as much as the results. In STEAM we teach our students to be problem solvers, and to not be afraid to be wrong. They learn that mistakes, and repetition help us understand better when we are on the path to actually solving the problem. STEAM focuses on trying multiple ideas, listening to and valuing alternate opinions, and creating understanding that is applicable to real lif, not just to answers on a test. STEAM helps students learn to work together, be interdependent and collaborate for successful outcomes as a group, as a school, and as a community.”

Tom House CTE Teacher